American Gods by Neil Gaiman Ch. 2

I do not have a whole lot to say about this chapter because the show really did provide a very faithful adaptation of what occurs. I will say that Shadow, yet again, comes off as so much more of a real character in the book, displaying these complex emotions which would naturally be processing through someone who just lost their fiancé. He speaks of feeling like just walking until he reached Alaska and his focus is complexly detached from reality as he does anything to not think about the reality he is living.

The one scene I feel like is missing here was where Audrey came onto Shadow in the show as a way to get back at their shared offending spouses. In the book she is just so filled with rage that nothing seems to really matter to her. Yet in the show you can see that she is so detached from reality from the remorseful rage that keeps consuming her actions.

All in all I just see that as a very realistic depiction of a truly unsettling example of unfaithfulness and the fallout which follows. Otherwise I must say that the show did a great job in attempting to adapt this material in a visually appealing way such as when we see the first encounter with techno boy.

Gaiman is first-rate in his narrative pacing as the reader is brought into this world where expectations are reversed and that produces an interest unlike many other works with similar worlds.


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