Slaughterhouse-5 by Kurt Vonnegut Ch. 2

This chapter truly begins the book. We are introduced to Billy Pilgrim the man unstuck from time. The chapter details prince in his life that are seemingly very random. This is a loud because it seems that Billy as a character cannot get a handle on his own time. For some unknown reason he is made to fall in between different periods in life and while this details many of them it also sheds light on the first occurrence of the strange condition which occurred during the war.

I must say that this book has been nothing like I thought it would be. We go from in-depth details of war buddies to in-depth details about an alien race which taught Billy about time. Either way it makes for a very compelling or read as you are transported with Billy through his life. The way in which the story is written makes the reader feel like Billy as if you are a passive participant riding shotgun along with Billy as he experiences his life. I’ve always been intrigued by unreliable narrators but I’ve never seen such a schizophrenic like narrator like this and it makes me only want to read more. I also feel that descriptions in this book are expertly done. One such description is saying that a gun found it like God unzipping his pants; it is truly bizarre in use but very descriptive, despite its implicit unorthodoxy.

One final note is the level of description given to everything and every story as it is encountered. This makes the reader feel like they are in a pensive ala-Harry Potter and conveys the dizzying way in which Billy goes forth within his own life. The author also seems to stick up for Billy at times, calling his daughter names for getting mad at Billy as one example. It is as if this story is being told to the reader by an old friend or someone with a degenerative brain disease in which memories trickle and overlap and while it is jarring it will never not be interesting in form.


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